Carol Commissiong


Carol Commissiong was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica, West Indies. She moved to America with her family when she was 11 years old. She grew up in New York City, where she attended junior high school, high school and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Carol is constantly trying to improve her technique as evinced by the rigorous training at the world-renowned Lee Strasberg Theater, Film and Television Institute in New York City, while appearing onstage and modeling in the fashion industry. Carol is a versatile and accomplished actress with a career spanning film, television and traditional theatre. In addition to appearing in popular films such as Gods Behaving Badly, Meet Dave, Motherhood, and Perfume, she has held active episode-specific parts in such television fixtures as Unforgettable, Person of Interest and Law and Order. As an actress she has a broad range, allowing her to partake of roles as diverse as an officer of the law, femme fatale, reporter, model, and other leading and supporting roles. Theater works include A Raisin in the Sun, both contemporary and ancient such as Sophocles' Electra. In addition, she's a confident and athletic dancer onstage, both classical and contemporary, which has been useful for musical theater such as Leonard Bernstein's work and Bob Fosse. Whether, comedy, tragedy or musical theater, Carol brings a vital, direct, feminine presence which attracts notice. By temperament she's a fiery, passionate person with a strong delivery. Her spirit of adventure led her to Paris and an exciting and memorable season as a fashion model, appearing in magazines, catalogs, product packaging, music videos, industrials and commercial print. While acting is her passion and primary livelihood today, in between shooting motion pictures and appearing on stage, she some how find the time to sell real estate but most of the time referring clients to top brokers in New York. Specializing in residential Manhattan properties running the gamut from white-glove, high-rise luxury buildings to lofts and town houses and commercial real estate, leasing store-fronts and office spaces. Carol Commissiong continues to work in the industry. In her free time, she savors the many delights of New York City, from its unique shops and trendy restaurants to its lively dance clubs and theaters. At times, she get away form the hustle and bustle by taking romantic getaways and holidays with friends and family.


Movie Name Release Date
Dean June 2, 2017