Kathy Corpus


Kathy Corpus is a Kung Fu Martial Artist and a Certified Tai Chi Instructor who was discovered when Truth & Spirit Films held a national casting at The Lohan School of Shaolin for the action film, "Blood Games", ("Sanctioned to Die"). She went to the audition to try out for a Martial Arts role only, but they had no female fight scenes in the movie. She was encouraged to try out for all the female principles, and Director Brent Bambic was impressed with her that he casted her as the lead female actress in the film, Driver. The movie had it's debut premiere in France at The Cannes Film Festival, and she made other contributions to the movie. Kathy has won a Gold Medal In Tai Chi Fighting at the International Chinese Martial Arts Competition and a Silver in Kung Fu Long Fist. She has been training for over ten years.


Movie Name Release Date
The House June 30, 2017