Kevin Lee


If you had told Kevin that one day he would be starting hi acting career in Beijing, China, he would have probably grinned and told you that his ambition was to become a top sales-man for a corporate company. Nonetheless, Kevin was born February 19th, 1981, Cambridge, England, Kevin lee plume. Kevin is an only child & spent majority of my childhood years on the move with his to-be Step-Father (AirForces) and Mother. and by the time he was his early 20's, Kevin had already attended many different schools in Germany and eventually returning back home to England. Kevin finally settled at St Peters school, Huntington, Cambridgeshire. He developed a keen interest for acting at an early age but wasn't till the tender age of 23, He made a crucial decision in his life and a big gamble! as he headed to London, whilst working a full time job as a sale-rep to began his professional training at the prestigious, lsda (london school dramatic arts) before moving on to the drama school of birbeck uni to learn new techniques. it wasn't until Kevin moved to China many years later, where he bumped into China's rising star now an Action star, Wujing aka (Jacky Wu) and to cut a long story short after a short few minutes chat with wu jing, was asked if Kevin would like to cast as the role for "Crazy Bull" wujing's first directional debut for the movie (Wolf warrior ) Since then, Kevin has been very fortunate to of had a lot of opportunities working in film and tv and Kevin's feel he has grown as an actor and his experiences on set has been nothing short of amazing helping him to grow in confidence whilst having the chance to also work with many of his child idols growing up.. (Jackie Chan, Jean Claude Van Damme & mike tyson) Kevin continues to work in China, a fast growing market for Hollywood- China co-Productions, but is eager to make a name for himself in the west and wants to be recognized as a fine actor. Constantly improving his craft, Kevin is now looking at moving back home to the capital, so he can take his experience and skills with him and surround him self with better actors.


Movie Name Release Date
Gong fu yu jia – free full movie download January 28, 2017