Lara Jean Mummert


Lara Jean was born on February 28th, in San Francisco, CA, to Roxanne Jean Pereira (Mummert) and Jeffrey Phillip Mummert. She spent most of her early years in New York, before settling in Manhattan to attend the prestigious Purchase Conservatory. She spent a time as a theatre performer in Manhattan before traveling with Sesame Street as an Actor, Singer, Dancer. While touring she met with Director James Maher, where she landed her first Lead role in a Film for "An Unplanned Awakening". She fell in love with the art, and ended up going off to lead in more films, shooting 4 features in 2016 alone. In July of 2016, Lara was named actress to look out for by Singapore writer, and editor Haren D Yong; "Set to be a most likable face on independent cinema, Lara Jean Mummert is instilling avid fandom for many a horror fan".


Movie Name Release Date
2 Jennifer – free full movie download June 3, 2016