Lee Wakefield


Lee Wakefield was born in Rochford, Essex on 21st November 1973. He has worked in many fields ranging from Logistics to scaffolding to the security industry. Lees passion for films from an early age, especially gangster, martial arts and the horror genre gave him the ambition in later years to try his hand in the film industry and was advised to become an "extra" due to having no formal acting training. This however left him feeling he had a lot more to give the industry wanting to become more than just an extra in the background but, unsure of what route to take, he went back to working in his normal line of work. A piece of advice that was given to Lee that has encouraged him to pursue his passion and move forward in the film industry, was that in this day and age the film industry is often about being believable on screen and not necessarily about prior formal training. That then gave him the confidence to pursue once again his goal, which paid off as he was almost instantly cast as a key character in a potential TV drama series Selwyn: Lost Prince of Avalon (Part 1) and soon after landing a featured role in Ibiza Undead. Since that time he has been cast continuously with featured roles, most with dialogue in Welcome to Curiosity, Age of Kill, Gatwick Gangsters, On a Prayer. Deny Everything and Londongrad Lee is a strong believer in that everything comes at the time that is right for you and is looking forward to what already appears to be a good start to 2015.


Movie Name Release Date
Hooligan Legacy 2016 – free full movie download January 1, 1970